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Water Programs

Abandoned Well Sealing

The objective of this program is to seal abandoned wells throughout the TMCD in order to protect the quality of groundwater in aquifers, eliminate the safety hazard to humans and livestock as a result of unsealed abandoned wells, and to promote the importance of water quality within the TMCD. The TMCD will pay 100% of the total cost (contractor and materials) of sealing each well within the District.

Well Shock Chlorination

This objective of this program is to improve the quality of well water by removing bacteria of an infected well that has received a positive bacteria test result.

Well Water Testing

TMCD covers shipping costs for individuals wanting to test their well water.  Sample collection bottles can be picked up at our office in Deloraine.  Shipments are made every Tuesday from our office in Deloraine. A second drop-off location is at the Killarney MAFRD GO-Office, 203 south Railway Street, Killarney, MB.  Shipments are on the 1st Tuesday of every month for samples taken within the TMCD. For more information on proper well maintenance and care please go to 

Small Water Storage Program

TMCD will work with landowners to create water storage areas that support our Surface Water Management objectives.  Some examples include: small dam for water storage, backflood dam to relieve downstream pressure, and to increase soil moisture, small control structure to aid with downstream flooding and heavy rains.

Alternate Watering System

Remote watering system is a solar powered pumping system that allows livestock to drink from a trough instead of directly from natural water sources.  TMCD provides assistance to landowners whose current watering source is a creek or river. TMCD may cover 100% of project cost up to a maximum of $5,000 based on targeted areas.

Rain Garden

A rain garden is a shallow depression, planted with native species that captures storm water off a property. Rain gardens assist to reduce the amount of potentially harmful materials from entering the surface water system. The Turtle Mountain CD may pay up to a maximum of $2000 per project.    Click here to learn more. Complete the Rain Garden Worksheet to get started on your own project today. The Rain Garden program is only available to urban residents within the district.

Bank Stabilization

This program is designed to:

  • Prevent further erosion on waterways and shorelines with low-moderate erosion potential
  • Protect and improve water quality by preventing bank erosion and downstream sedimentation
  • Educate landowners in the benefits of maintaining a healthy riparian area.

Growing Forward 2 - Growing Assurance Program - Ecological Goods and Services

A Federal-Provincial funding opportunity for agricultural landowners to receive funding for on-farm Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) that improve water quality throughout the Lake Winnipeg watershed. February 1, 2017 was the  deadline for the last intake of GF2. More information on Growing Forward 3 will be posted once available.

Wakopa Ecological Goods & Services Incentive Program

Wakopa Creek Sub-District is offering a tax offset program on wetlands and grassed waterways.  If you are a landowner in the Long River Watershed area within the Municipality of Killarney-Turtle Mountain, south of HWY #3, and west of HWY # 18, then you are eligible for a tax break for the three (3) year program term  for leaving your wetlands undisturbed.  The Wakopa Creek Sub-District members are connecting this program to the municipal tax process.

Soil Programs

Grassed Waterway

A  Grassed Waterway is a natural or constructed channel used to prevent soil loss and gully formation in cultivated fields and used to protect surface water quality.  They are seeded with salt tolerant grass and/or legume mixture.

Gully Erosion Repair Program

The Gully Erosion Repair Program will assist to protect surface water quality and minimize water erosion and flooding damage by providing physical adjustments and alterations along gully formations.

Salinity Seed Management

Seed forages on saline soils (i.e. along roads, borders of fields and surrounding wetlands) within the TMCD East Souris River Watershed to address the growing concerns associated with salinity.

  • Quantity of seed is limited to 10 acres per farming operation.
  • Priority will be given to targeted areas

Deadline to apply: April 14, 2017.  Program subject to funding.

Salinity Soil Testing

TMCD will cover 50% up to a maximum of $500 for landowners to have salinity soil sampling conducted on their property using either probe soil samples or Veris salinity soil sampling equipment. This will assist in providing management of saline areas.  Landowners within the Waskada Creek Sub-District are eligible to apply with one application per farm operation.

GIS mapping: Aerial Photo Assessment

The TMCD is able to create maps/aerial photos using Geographic Information System (GIS) computer software.  The GIS allows TMCD to display resource data and to assist in effective project planning and management.  Staff are able to assist with mapping and measuring needs for your operation.  Services may include acre counts and ortho maps.  Cost is $5 per map.

Wildlife Programs

Turtle Mountain Conservation Agreements

Partnership program between the TMCD and MHHC to ensure long-term conservation of the forested habitat on private land in the Turtle Mountains.

Wetland Conservation Agreements

This partnership program involves Ducks Unlimited Canada and the Turtle Mountain Conservation District to ensure long-term conservation and/restoration of wetland habitat on private land surrounding Whitewater Lake and Killarney pothole areas.

Pasture Rental

TMCD owns several pastures in the district that may be available for rent for a 2-3 year period.