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What is a Conservation District?

A Conservation District is basically a group of local people working together in partnership with the Province to attempt to maintain and improve sustainability on a specific landscape. These people realize the connectivity of our communities to the health of the watershed we live in. If we live in a vibrant, healthy watershed the quality of life will improve for all of the areas residents.

Conservation Districts are established under the authority of The Conservation Districts Act. There are currently 18 Conservation Districts in Manitoba covering approximately 80% of Agro Manitoba. District boundaries may be based on the drainage basin, or watershed, of the major river in the area or on municipal boundaries and may include part or all of several municipalities. In the case of the Turtle Mountain Conservation District (TMCD), municipal boundaries currently delineate the external borders of the District (except for the newly re-aligned west boundary along the Souris River) , however the internal Sub-District boundaries are based on watershed boundaries.


About the TMCD

Turtle Mountain Conservation District, is comprised of a group of local people working together in partnership with Manitoba Water Stewardship to attempt to maintain and improve sustainability within the District. The District is governed by a Board of Directors represented by local ratepayers, municipal councilors and a Provincial appointee.

The District is located along the International boundary in southwestern Manitoba and covers 4,518 km2, the District office is located in Deloraine. This area includes all or parts of the Municipalities of Two Borders, Brenda-Waskada, Grassland, Deloraine-Winchester, Boissevain-Morton and Killarney-Turtle Mountain.

The Districts main focus is on soil and water conservation. Some of the major programs include abandoned well sealing, salinity seed assistance, public education, remote watering systems, small dam construction, and wildlife habitat preservation.

The District was initially formed on May 16, 1973 as the Turtle Mountain Resource Conservation District however, it was officially established as the Turtle Mountain Conservation District #4 under the Conservation Districts Act on January 1, 1978. The estimated population for the TMCD is 9,062 based on 2001 census data.


District Map

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