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Whitewater Lake

Whitewater Lake is recognized as a Canadian Important Bird Area of global significance. The area provides habitat for over 110 species of birds as well as over 40 species of other wildlife. Once known as “White Lake” due to its white alkali flats.  Whitewater Lake is one of Canada’s best known staging areas for waterfowl and shorebirds. The lake is a 9,000 ha saline wetland situated in south-western Manitoba between the Towns of Boissevain and Deloraine. Whitewater Lake is within the mixed-grass prairie biome. As a result of the high biodiversity found at Whitewater Lake it has received a number of designations including: Manitoba Wildlife Management Area, bird habitat of Canadian importance for staging shorebirds and geese, and globally significant Important Bird Area. Whitewater Lake has also been featured in a number of Manitoba birding books such as “Birder’s Guide to Southwestern Manitoba” and “The Scenic Secrets of Manitoba”.

Location: Northing 5454626 Easting 409756

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